North Star Light Language Technique

Healing through dance, acting, singing and music

The North Star Light Language Technique was created and developed by artist and holistic healer Anna Frances Hamilton, and is a fun and engaging way to access healing through creativity.

Combining energy healing with dance, acting, singing and music, this healing modality is designed to elevate your performance technique, as well as request healing for not only the performer, but also the audience.

how does the technique work (1)

Tapping into the energy of all there is, it’s possible to request healing from the unconditional love of the universe, your angels and guides in spirit, and also via the 7th plane unconditional love of the universe, channel the healing energy of many different types of spirit animal, including birds of paradise, big cats and fluffy animals.

You may wish to work through the videos in order of the episodes, or you may wish to dip in and out, selecting episodes themed on a spirit animal based on the healing that you think you may need on that particular day. For example, if you would like healing for self-care and self-nurture, you may wish to watch a video from the Fluffy Animals series such as the Kitten, Puppy or Hamster, or if you want to receive healing for inner strength, power and pride, you may wish to watch an episode from the Big Cats series, such as the Tiger or the Lion.

Here is the Birds of Paradise: Parrot Episode of the North Star Light Language Technique Healing with Dance Video:

Healing for what you need

As well as offering general healing, Anna will continue to develop the North Star Light Language technique, and currently offers general healing videos, as well as healing for actors, healing for the body, and healing for healers.

Angel Dancing for kids (8-11)

As well as the North Star Light Language Technique aimed at all ages, Angel Dancing videos are aimed at children aged 8-11 years old, and offer healing on many different themes including the magic within you, self-confidence and self-belief. You can watch Fairy Magic: Magic is within you video here:

Anna will be creating resource packs for schools and after school clubs in time, and will also be launching masterclasses with accompanying workbooks in time. For more information, please email or subscribe to Anna’s mailing list.

You can also attend live zoom workshops using the North Star Light Language technique. Click the ‘Events’ tab to secure your place on the next Healing with Dance live workshop, and dance either by yourself or in a group in the comfort of your home or even your office!

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