Divine Feminine: The love within you

Welcome to the Divine Feminine Masterclass series, created by myself, Anna Frances Hamilton. This series takes you on a creative journey through many different ways to express ourselves, such as dance, rhythm, art, singing, acting and more. Combing creativity with original ways to use energy healing with different creative modalities, these masterclasses are a unique and one off opportunity to explore healing and self-expression, tapping into the love within you, the joy within you, the peace within you and most importantly.. the ecstasy!

The joy in pleasure, in finding freedom in movement, in sound, in feeling sensual, and even sexual, because for generations, women have been told that they don’t, they can’t or they shouldn’t experience the joy and the pleasure within them, and this can affect both our personal and intimate relationships with others, but also ourselves.

Creative flow can mean many different things to different people, and this series is about tapping into the abundance within all of us, the unique and wonderful ways to have fun! Because ladies… it’s time to party!

Episode 1 is about healing with dance and healing with music at the same time. Investing in this episode will bring you closer to what it feels like to feel safe in your body, in your own way. It’s not a lesson, it’ won’t teach you how to move, more it will teach you ways to discover the way you already do move, the way you can move and the way that feels right for you, using improvisation, creative inspiration and most importantly, having fun!

More episodes coming soon! Keep your eyes peeled for episodes on Rhythm, Art and Singing which will be launched in the next few weeks!

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