Transformative Art Therapy

Combining the 7th plane meditation and art, this method helps you tune into what’s in your heart, what you could paint and what you feel might benefit you the most in the present moment that you’re painting. It combines spirituality, energy healing and creativity to assist you in exploring what it means to show up for yourself, and express yourself, in beautiful and abundant ways.


Anna Frances uses the 7th plane healing energy of all there is to channel regular meditation videos on YouTube, as well as offering 1:1s if people would like to explore their healing further using ThetaHealing. She shares not only her own thoughts in these meditations on her channel, but also channels divine guidance from angels, guides, ascended masters and the unconditional love of the universe. She also does Divine Feminine meditation, channelling the energy of Divine Mother, Mary Magdalene and other goddesses in spirit, on topics such as rebirth, sensuality, communication, self-love and compassion.

Ancient Chants and Sanskrit Seed Sounds

Using the ancient practice of melodic chants and Sanskrit seed sounds, Anna also does YouTube videos that tap into the music within you, the ancient knowing that sacred tones can unlock any blocks you may have in your energetic system, to feel more in alignment with your soul’s purpose, in this meditative practice.

Chakra Art

As well as holistic healing, Anna is also an artist, and is interested in painting about energy, the chakras and what it means to heal. The creative process of her art is often recorded being produced on YouTube videos, channelling the guidance from the 7th plane meditation. She’s interested in abstract contemporary art, as well as illustrations on topics that she finds both joyful and meditative, such as meditation, yoga, dance, baking and horse riding.

If you’d like to learn more about doing the 7th plane meditation, as well as watching the YouTube channel, you can also take the Basic DNA ThetaHealing course which goes into more detail about working with the unconditional love of the universe to heal others and yourself.

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