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Tapping into your Divine Feminine

Womb wisdom, creativity, feminine essence and money mastery


Creative flow

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What does it mean to be in your creative flow? For many of us, we often feel most in our flow when we tune into how we’re feeling, rather than being blocked by other’s expectations and judgements. Working with Anna Frances in her ThetaHealing 1:1s, you’ll be able to get back into your rhythm, back into your divine feminine essence, as you release what energy no longer serves you, and feel the energy of love, joy and peace in abundance!
Often if we’ve experienced difficulty in early years, adolescence or even as a young adult or beyond, the younger part of us can feel unheard and unappreciated, and this can also act as a block to being in your creative energy, in your inner power. With ThetaHealing, it’s possible to heal you at all ages, and whatever no longer serves you, will always go at the right time. Find out more about how ThetaHealing can help you.

Healing for the inner child

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Healing for horses and pets

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Anna has been riding horses since the age of 8 till her mid-20s, and still has a strong connection to horses and animals that she grew up with. ThetaHealing can be used to heal not only people, but also horses and pets, working on a genetic level, soul level, and the animal at all ages. Like any holistic modality, it’s a complimentary therapy to run alongside any existing veterinary treatment, and for horses in particular, in-hand work and riding lessons. It can help make the journey to recovery for horses and pets much quicker, in conjunction with any other recognized treatment. It’s an effective way to send healing to animals, and all 1:1s are done with the owner present on Zoom, or in person if required. It’s non-contact, very gentle healing energy, that can used to help animals on their healing journey.’

Using the powerful healing modality of ThetaHealing, Anna Frances helps you move forwards with your finances, with your business and your career, by removing any limiting beliefs that no longer serve you. Often we have beliefs around money that may be on an ancestral level, soul level, inner child level, and even held by our peers or colleagues, that can hold us back. Working through these beliefs can have transformational results, as we use the ThetaHealing technique to change our attitudes on a subconscious level, a cellular level on a spiritual level! Money is just energy, and there is enough for everyone! Tap into the abundance within you, and book a ThetaHealing 1:1 with Anna to help you move forwards and develop natural money magnetism, simply by doing what you love!

Money Magnetics

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Anna Frances Arts

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Anna Frances Hamilton is an artist, singer, musician, actor, writer, and is passionate about combining her love of healing with her love of creativity. She specializes in working with self-driven creatives who want to manifest abundance in their career, in the hobby they’re’ passionate about, and in their creative flow. Anna believes that we’re all worthy of using our gifts, and sharing our talents with others in spaces of performance and community. Connecting to yourself in order to connect with others is key in our healing journey, and tapping into the abundance of creativity within you is a powerful way to claim your divine light, and shine it to others.
Anna offers 30 minute tarot card readings on any topic including your love and relationships, friendships, career, travel, or your next divine timing! Using her experience as an intuitive, a clairvoyant and a healer, she is an experienced reader, having attended many holistic and psychic fairs in the South West of the UK, offering intuitive readings. Tapping into the energy of all there is, gain clarity and perspective with these powerful readings. All readings are for entertainment purposes only – take what resonates! Book a slot on Calendly, or email for more information.

Tarot Card Readings

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How can we work together

Whether you want a 1:1 on Zoom, an in person Art Therapy, singing or acting workshop, ThetaHealing course, creativity retreat, or perhaps you just want to zone out and hear more about what I do on my YouTube channel, it’s possible to work with Anna Frances in many different ways.

You can also learn more about your own body and your own inner healing power by doing the North Star Light Language Technique masterclasses on Dance and Acting (more information coming soon).

What we’re passionate about!

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What motivates us here at Anna Frances Healing is the power within all of us to heal ourselves, the power to say how you feel and the power to use the gifts within you. Connecting to yourself in order to connect to others is a fundamental part of how healing can unfold, and at Anna Frances Healing, connecting to the light within you is part of the process of awakening, the process of learning to appreciate yourself, your gifts and the abundance of love within you. You are already amazing! Your gifts are unique and amazing! And we are all worthy of feeling loved by the Universe for who we truly are!

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