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Helping you remove blocks to living in abundance

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Working with Anna Frances, you will be able use the transformative power of ThetaHealing® to remove blocks to living a life you love! Anna specializes in working with self-driven creatives to help the remove blocks to manifesting abundance. She also teaches ThetaHealing courses in Bristol and Cardiff UK, and runs yearly creativity retreats.

If you’re feeling like uplevelling your creative skills, you can take part in the masterclasses available, using the North Star Light Language Technique®, devised by Anna Frances. Anna also offers Art Therapy and ThetaHealing® workshops, singing and acting workshops, to help you move forwards with your creativity, self-expression and sense of self.

What kind of creative are you?

How we can work together

Anna Frances is an experienced ThetaHealing instructor passionate about healing and wellbeing! She uses her skills in holistic healing to teach those how to heal, how to tap into the unconditional love of the universe, how to heal others and how to move forwards with the skills that you’ve learned. ThetaHealing is powerful healing modality, rooted in a spiritual philosophy, and each course is unique in how it can create monumental shifts in your own personal growth, as well as the skills you’ve acquired.

Creativity retreats are a fantastic way to wind down, to connect with your inner wisdom, your inner knowing and even, the younger part of you, your inner child! Full of fun and creative ways to explore your gifts and talents, whether it be the Art and Creative Writing retreat, or the Acting and Singing retreat, there’s something for everyone! Just 1 hour from Edinburgh, the upcoming retreats are set in the beautiful Kirk, looking over the bay, with plenty of time to explore the area as well as take part in workshops, excursions, art galleries and shows.
No two sessions are the same, and how you use the time and what you choose to work on is up to you. Using the powerful healing energy of the unconditional love of the universe, you’ll find after just one session with Anna Frances that abundance starts to manifest in your life very quickly! Healing on a subconscious level, Anna Frances is able to help you help yourself, to get out of a ‘lack’ mentality, and instead into one that is ready to claim the abundance within you!

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